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The Supper Club for professionals 35+

Cultivate meaningful connections, nourish your social circles and make a difference over transformative conversations

Experience a unique dining experience and be a part of a community, where every meal allows you to form friendships over great food in one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam.

Join up to 7 (new) people for a lively evening and fun conversations.

How Share-A-Table works 

Did you know that 56% of professionals work hybrid, 37% of us (aged 34-54) live in single-occupant households, and online dating is declining?

Share-A-Table is a curation of supper clubs designed to inspire. We bring you a fresh experience with interesting people who’ll make your working week more exciting. Joining is easy and simple, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Sign Up for Share-A-Table

Use our quick and easy form to sign up for our membership. This will not only give you exclusive invitations to our events but also you’ll receive access to our expert advice and top tips for the best bars and restaurants in Amsterdam — what’s holding you back?

Step 2: Attend Our Next Supper Club

Whether it’s North, South, East or West of the city, we’ll let you know when the next event will be and you just need to sign up and turn up, and we’ll do the rest.

At the latest, exciting new food spots across the city, we’ve curated events in eateries with instant atmospheres, welcoming both men and women to meet and connect. Get ready to expand your network simply and easily at this inspired supper club.

Step 3: Make The Connections That Make A Difference

You'll have unexpected and new conversations (if you lean in) and tighten up your social skills so you will be confident to do this anywhere, anytime. Sure once in a while it might push you out of your comfort zone, yet at Share-A-Table, we promise to curate a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere — and if you’re nervous, there will always be new places, new faces and new adventures at the next one!

You can be assured that when you come once, you'll want to return again and again! More importantly, you'll walk away having enjoyed a great meal and feeling re-energized - and yes, with a far better understanding of what's happening around you and other locals in your city.

Join now to meet, connect and thrive locally - bring something new to your social network with Share-A-Table.

Upcoming Events

With over 200 dinners to date, creating more than 3500 new connections, connecting to busy professionals locally and in person at our next supper club...

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When you become a Share-A-Table member, you’ll enjoy access to a club of like-minded people and our expert advice on the best restaurants, bars and activities in your local area.

About us

Share-A-Table is a dynamic Supper Club for professionals 35+ founded by women after years of experience in the corporate world until we felt driven to do something to make a real difference to the everyday. 

Having lived across the globe - Melbourne, Sydney, Curitiba, Madrid, Barcelona London, Amsterdam - finding people you connect with takes work and a good dose of luck - yet when it happens it creates magic and an extraordinary sense of adventure. What we know and believe is ... just one connection, one serendipitous moment can create a new world of experience…

That's why we wanted to create something and package that up for you.

Georgina Smith, Founder, Share-A-Table
Bringing more than 15 years of small and large global event experience

To make Share-A-Table available your city, please contact us.

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What members have to say...

"This supper club helps you connect to people just like you who have a huge appetite for life as well as great food! You’re promised to mix with great, open-minded people from everywhere. You’ll go once to try and sign up to go again, if not many many times." - Global Marketing & Communications Director

"Thank you for bringing people together and creating happiness" - Business & Tech Analyst

"Thanks for the fantastic evening"  - Vice President Business Development

"I'm too busy to attend most of the events - I wish I could join you for dinner in the following weeks" - Environmental Climate Researcher

"Loved the restaurant you chose, loved the food and the people were lovely!"- Interior Designer

"Put me on the list, let me know if there is a free place" - Climate Researcher, Shell

"I'm sure beautiful things will come from this" - Founder, StartUp Tech


Frequently Asked Questions by New Members

What are the membership benefits?

We currently offer Pay-As-You-Go so there is plenty of flexibility - you pay a small fee for the dinners you attend. 

The real benefits come when you make yourself available to join as many dinners as possible - this is how to immediately open your world up, connect you with a new diverse range of people.
We believe to thrive locally, you need to connect locally and this is where it happens - you’ll discover new places and importantly new people who have the potential to be a great friend, to enjoy a shared-interest, a professional contact or a the bud of a new romance. 

How often are the dining events?

We usually host dinners every week Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday eves.
Brunches are Saturday/ Sundays when schedules permit.
Note: Any member can Host a dinner - here are the instructions to post your Share event - please contact us directly for any questions. 

How do I sign up for your next dining experience?

Please simply RSVP to the dinners/ events you wish to attend. You must pay a deposit to secure your spot. Deposits are applied to the bill less a €7 event fee. We cannot guarantee your seat, if your deposit is not received in good time.  

Why do I need to pay a deposit to attend?

We commit to restaurants to other guests that we promise we will be there. This way you're committed too.

What is your cancellation policy on deposits?

Deposits are refunded with a strict 24 hour notice.
Why 24hrs?
There is simply too little time to fill your spot, we are also partnering with multiple restaurants who operate as small businesses and also need to manage their staff, resources and valuable clientele.

If the dinner is cancelled by Share, all deposits are immediately refunded.

Will I meet like-minded people and make connections?

We are marketing and accepting members that match a profile (well-travelled, global thinkers, educated (professional) people who are aged 35+ above). 

We believe human connections take place in person, we ask members to come with an open, inquisitive mind as this is a great approach to create a mutual rewarding conversation. 

We can assure you, many of our members have gone on to create new friendships, date, arrange other new activities together.

Why are Share Events always in cafes / restaurants and not in someone’s home?

Share events always take place in local restaurants and cafes (close to good transport) as we want to leave the hassle of food preparation for those that know best - many guests have allergies and food preferences, so we let the best eateries take care of us.

We choose places that our members can immediately feel comfortable and with a welcoming atmosphere (other people, music, interiors create this for us).

Above all, public places offer a safe place for everyone, especially women. As a woman founder, I’ve always wanted to ensure we create this safe environment for all our guests.

I am new to this city, is this good for new locals?

Yes! What a great way to understand your new home better by connecting with locals and local expats. You’ll immediately feel like home and the other dinners will quickly give you the ins and outs of why you belong here.

Are both men and women invited to the supper clubs?

Yes we have an even split of members, and everyone is welcome unless the event is marked for Women only - we have done this as our recent survey requested the occasional women only events.

Do you host women-only dining events?

Events are predominantly mixed and we do schedule Women only events also

Can I turn up to a supper club alone?

You are always welcome to come alone or with a guest.